Thanks for stopping by! I like playing with pictures and making websites. Take a look around and let me know what you think.

This site is a small demonstration of my photoshop, illustrator, indesign/quarkXpress, and website coding abilities. I can also create dynamic powerpoint presentations, create flash elements, and shoot/edit video.

Among all this I would have to say that some of my favourite projects to work on include photo retouching, colouring black and white photos, website coding (html/css), and creating layouts for business cards, brochures, menus etc.

If there is a graphic or web project you need, feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about what I can do for you.


Come check out some graphic projects I have worked on.

I have some items that have been/continue to be used in the real world, as well as other just for fun things and school assignments that may or may not be used for anything other then demonstration.

Graphics Preview


Websites are great aren't they? They help sell a product, inform the world about events, connect you with old friends, introduce you to new ones, and other things

See some websites I have worked on and if you would like one of your own let me know!

Websites preview

other stuff

Graphics and websites are pretty fun and awesome but what about the other things in the digi-design world.

I can help you with business cards, forms, letterhead, powerpoint presentations, print setup, brochures/menus, and all sorts of nifty little things contact me for A's to any Q's

Other stuff Preview