About Me

I'm a graphic/web designer currently working in the web. I have a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS and am learning other web based languages.

I graduated from the Herzing College Graphic Design Program in May of 2011. The knowledge I gained through this program has been most beneficial and I am constantly trying to better myself and learn new programing languages, techniques, and programs.

I have been interested in the graphic industry for a number of years and have experience gained through small projects for friends and family, personal projects, school assignments, and through other jobs.

My overall goal is to find a position in the graphic department of an established business, as well as continue to do freelance work for anyone interested in need of a company logo, small website, banner, restaurant menu, brochure, business cards, etc.

So that's the business side of who I am but maybe you want to know a little bit more, get a feel for the type of person I am. So here it goes.

I am a native of a small town located on the beautiful Cape Breton Island in the north east corner of Nova Scotia. I moved to Toronto in 2005, thinking there would be a better opportunity in the job market, and for a change of pace. Don't get me wrong Nova Scotia is great, but for now I like it in the big city.

Since being here I have had the chance to experience all sorts of things that I wouldn't be able to find as easily out east. I've met great people from all over the world, ate tasty and not so tasty food, and have tried a number of different and fun activities that I haven't had the opportunity to do before.

In my spare time I like to keep myself active. I'm not really a gym/weight lifting sort of person, but I like to take my bike out for a long ride, strap on the skates (ice/inline) and glide around, play softball and other sports (though I'd be the first to tell you that I'm no athlete), board games, puzzles, assembling IKEA furniture, and other things just to keep busy.

I'm not to sure what else to mention, but If I think of something I'll be sure to update (if I remember to).

If you are interested in contacting me please feel free to send me a message here.