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Know where you are, Know where you're going, Know you will get there

Did you know...
...that up to 20% of students drop out of University after only their first year? Moreover, 30% of those who complete their degree, realize they made the wrong education and career choice.

Know where you are, know where you're going, know you will get there

Tetra can help!
We ensure you make the right education and career choices. Then, we support you in numerous ways to ensure you’re actively engaged throughout your school years, up to the beginning of your professional life. Our team of various professionals offer:

Assessment Services to help you identify appropriate career choices;

Education and Career Planning to ensure you're always aligned with your established goals and objectives;

Employment Services to help you secure meaningful employment throughout your school years as well as your first job after you graduate;

International Internships to give you experience working abroad in your chosen career field and give you a competitive edge in your industry;

On-going Support that includes assistance with University applications, scholarships and bursaries, and transitioning from high school to University.

Know you will be successful

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